A vida é um eterno perde e ganha
Um dia a gente perde
No outro a gente apanha
Apanha e nem por isso a gente vai fugir da luta
Num vou baixar a cabeça prá nenhum filho da puta

As pedras no caminho a gente chuta
É super natural
Não deixo abaixar minha moral
Tenho que me manter em movimento
A vida não é mole
Mas qualquer parada enfrento, enfrento


i found myself on omegle



like are you fucking kidding me there were 44,000 people online but i’m still forever alone

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"Idk I’m tired" is probably the best excuse for anything ever

"Why did you leave the party early" "Idk I’m tired"

"why’d you cook your grandmother" "idk im tired"

"Why did you invade Poland?" "Idk I’m tired."

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"My brother is off to tour Europe for a month so I though I’d throw up an appreciation post. I’ve never believed in anyone more than I believe in him. His show is incredible and filled with mixed emotions. Smiles, laughs and tears. His music and his attitude is constantly inspiring. Never have I known such an intelligent, genuine and dedicated individual who is full of truth and talent. With his heart, love, peace, talent, hard work, constant aspiration and love for what he does.. I have no doubt in my mind that he is going a long way. If he’s not the greatest than he’s heading for it. Cody loves to inspire and trigger emotions. His love to give back and his heart to support charities around the world, visit children’s hospitals, and love to help and/or better anyone or anything in his path is motivating. For him, what goes around comes around. He works extremely hard, all day everyday and deserves everything that comes his way. He makes things happen for himself and lets only positive energy in, he leaves behind and moves on from anything or anyone negative that will stand in his way. I look up to him in every way possible. He is there for me whenever I need him, I can talk to him about anything. And I am so beyond grateful for that. I learn for him each passing day. He figures life is a gift, and doesn’t intend on wasting it. If you’re in any of the tour date cities in Europe, don’t miss his show. codysimpson.com/shows - love you dude x"

- Alli Simpson

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